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How to Read Shotgun Shell Boxes

Read that ammunition box carefully for pertinent information on shotgun fodder.

Double Duty Defense

Got a favorite scattergun that you've been thinking about adapting for home defense? Here are...

Benelli Vinci Tactical

The home-defense version of Benelli’s innovative Vinci semi-automatic shotgun promises superior reliability and easy maintenance,...

Buckshot vs. Birdshot

Density kills, and these tests should help settle an ancient argument.

ATI Sultan P1

Take a look at current offerings from a half-dozen manufacturers, and you'll find it's possible...

Buck to Slug

Learn how to practice quickly transitioning your shotgun's ammo for close- and long-range self-defense.

Persistent Myths

It is absolutely amazing the way some myths about self-defense continue to get passed around...

Double-Barrel Self-Defense

Don't overlook the old coach gun as a viable modern self-defense option.

Buckshot Basics

How much do you know about buckshot?

Remington 870 Shotgun Versus M4 Carbine

Can a 60-year-old scattergun deliver as much energy to a target as today's trendy carbine?

12-Gauge Shotgun vs. AR-15 for Personal Defense

A 12-gauge shotgun and an AR-15 both have advantages and disadvantages. Which one should you...

Cool vs. Tool

Is that high-speed accessory hanging off your tactical shotgun a useful tool or a cosmetic...

Hornady Superformance

Hornady's new Superformance squeezes an extra 100 to 200 fps out of the .308 Win.,...

Frangible Ammo no Longer Limited to LE

The major ammo companies have produced frangible-bullet loads for some time, but they have been...

Burris Speadbead

The SpeedBead is currently available and installs easily on many of today's most popular sporting...

Benelli SuperNova

When it comes to choosing an all-around shotgun—one that will serve nicely for any task,...

Mossberg 930 SPX

Mossberg's gas-operated, 930 SPX 12-gauge is one such semi, and its firepower is enough to...

Federal Black Cloud

Federal has altered traditional shotshell design with its radical Flightstopper pellets and Flitecontrol wad.

Taurus Judge Public Defender

Taurus makes a decided case for concealed carry.

TriStar Cobra Force

For those looking for an affordable home-defense shotgun, TriStar's Cobra Force is an innovative platform...
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