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Remington 870 Shotgun Versus M4 Carbine

Can a 60-year-old scattergun deliver as much energy to a target as today's trendy carbine?

12-Gauge Shotgun vs. AR-15 for Personal Defense

A 12-gauge shotgun and an AR-15 both have advantages and disadvantages. Which one should you...

Nikon Spot-On

Here's an easy-to-use ballistic calculator that makes hitting distant targets simple.

Velocity Matters

Hitting targets a long way off depends a great deal on shooting skill. Your ability...

Blaser Tactical 2

Blaser Jagdwaffen began with a shotgun wedding, literally. The company's latest innovation is a tactical...

Zeiss Rapid Z Reticle

The Rapid-Z Reticle is Zeiss's contribution to a range-finding riflescope that also allows shooters to...

Barnes Varmint Grenade

The thing that scares most first-time .50 BMG shooters is the anticipation of recoil. The...

Extraordinary Bullets

Big-game hunters demand a lot from a bullet. Not only must the value-priced projectile punch...
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