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Deal with It

Learn how to deal with road-rage situations to avoid trouble, or prevail if trouble can't...

Range Medicine

Practical first-aid steps that can save a life.

Cheap Shots

If you reload you're already saving money, but you can save even more.

Wait 'til Next Year, Illinois

Illinois House Bill 148 fails to win the required super-majority, to the disappointment of gun...

XS Sight Systems

A former cop and accomplished firearms instructor makes a case for topping handguns—and long guns—with...

CCF RaceFrame Glock

When metal meets Glock, some say the improved handling and performance are modern alchemy. Those...

Defense at a Distance

Learning to shoot a defensive handgun at longer ranges could save your life.

Practical vs. Tactical

Competition reinforces many basic skills needed for home defense. However, key differences remain between sport...

Pocket Holsters

Before you drop a gun in your pocket, get a holster that's up to the...

Is Illinois' FOID Policy Discriminatory?

Does a change to Illinois' FOID requirement discriminate against certain law-abiding citizens?


While inventing a silencer that removed the sound of a gunshot had been attempted by...

Frangible Ammo for Self-Defense?

Should you use frangible ammunition in your home-defense or concealed-carry gun?

Elcan SpecterDR 1X/4X

The SpecterDR 1X/4X sight, manufactured by Raytheon subsidiary Elcan and imported by Armament Technology, is...

Nikonov AN-94

In 1993, a mysterious rifle appeared at an arms display at the elite Taman Guards...

Smith & Wesson Model 22 in .45 ACP

It's pretty well agreed the .45 ACP is clearly the best cartridge for self-defense.

Worst-Case Scenarios

Practice at the firing line is critical, but in a gunfight things go bad fast....

Establishing Reliability in Your Ammo

How many rounds do you need to fire through your defensive handgun to determine dependability?

The Best of Bullpups

Without question, it’s easy to find yourself in sensory overload at the SHOT show, due...

C.O. Arms AWP Extreme Combat

Despite being very long in the tooth—that means old for you Generation Z folks—the 1911...

Shooting Tips from Max Michel

Improve your speed with a handgun by following these tips from one of the fastest...
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