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Shorter is Better

Why bother with the long, drawn out and expensive process of submitting an application to...

MicroMOA Govnah Gas Block

Here's a potential fix for gas-regulation issues you might be having in your AR-15-based rifle.

Law Tactical Gen 2 AR Folding Stock Adapter

A folding stock on a direct-gas AR? Yup. And it works.

Geissele Automatics Super Modular Rails

Geissele Automatics now offers freefloat fore-ends for AR-pattern rifles that are every bit as superlative...

Elftmann Tactical: Dual Enhancement Trigger (D-TR)

The Elftmann Tactical Dual Enhancement Trigger combines the utility of a battle rifle trigger with...

Semi-Automatic Handgun Reloading

Learn how to properly and effectively reload a semi-automatic handgun from a former SOF sniper.

Accessorize with Care

Just because you can afford it doesn't mean it will be a good addition to...

What Accessories Should You Add to Your AR-15?

Accessory attachment is one of the benefits of the AR-15 platform, but what are the...

Del-Ton TRX Gallery

The Del-Ton TRX features high-end aftermarket accessories in an easy-to-handle package.

Frugal Firing

Our crummy economy may not be affecting the shooting industry, but the cost of a...

Get a (Fore) Grip

Here are four solid and inexpensive options for adding a vertical foregrip to your AR.

1911 Magazines

When shopping for a 1911, some people focus on getting the most features for the...

Invest in Stocks

It has been said that guns are like shoes, they have to fit.

Get a Handle on It

Give your tactical precision rifle an oversize bolt knob for faster operation by following these...

MGI Marck 15 Hydra

Switching calibers on an AR-15 platform is no longer a Herculean task.

The Ultimate M1A

Long shots across the desert sand have breathed new life into the battle rifle, and...

Mossberg MMR

Getting into the AR-15 market makes sense for one of the nation's most revered gunmakers,...

Syrac Ordnance Adjustable Low Pro Gas Block

This new gas block allows shooters to adjust the flow of their DGI-operated ARs to...

Colt LE6940P Rifle Features Piston System

Colt Defense LLC, one of the world's leading designers, developers, and manufacturers of rifles and...

Tony Rist Tactical Oval 1911 Grips

A simple and attractive fix to cure an an age-old ergonomic problem with America's favorite...
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