First Look: LaserMax Lightning Rail-Mounted Laser

LaserMax incorporated the technology found in its trigger-guard-mounted GripSense lasers into a a rail-mounted package. Check out the new Lightning laser here.

A Beginner's Guide to Low-Light Optics

As night-vision and thermal devices become more affordable to consumers, the question becomes, "How can these be used and what are they good for?" Here's a quick primer on the two main camps of low-light optics here.

3 Methods for Zeroing Your Handgun Laser

How should your handgun laser be set up on your defensive firearm? Take a look at three different methods outlined here to see what works best for you.

Zeroing Handgun Lasers

A laser sight is a tool to help you aim a defensive firearm. For it to excel at that task it needs to shine on target at the point, or least very near the point, where the bullet will strike. To arrange this, you must zero the laser, and you must decide how you want the beam of the laser to correspond to the shot.

LaserLyte Lyte Ryder Universal Rail-Mount Laser

LaserLyte's Lyte Ryder is designed for handgun accessory rails with minimal space and matches flat dark earth frames.

VersaCarry ZeroBulk Holster

If you're looking for a minimalist holster, the VersaCarry ZeroBulk Holster fits that description.

LaserMax Debuts 2015 Products During SHOT Show

LaserMax introduces numerous new green laser products at SHOT 2015.

Manticore Arms Arclight XTL Tavor Fore-end

Fans of the Tavor bullpup rifle have another fore-end replacement from Manticore Arms to upgrade their rifle.

LaserLyte FSL-4 Rail-Mounted Laser Sight

LaserLyte's FSL-4, designed for handgun accessory rails with minimal space, is a light, inexpensive option for adding a laser sight to your compact firearm.

Crimson Trace Railmaster Laser Sight

Looking for a laser to fill a small space on your accessory rail? The Crimson Trace Railmaster is small but powerful.

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