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Review: Hi-Point C-9 Home Security Pack

A Hi-Point C-9 pistol, magazine and locking steel case for around $200? This is one...

How to Clear Corners in a Home-Defense Scenario

Clearing the area obscured by a corner requires planning and careful technique in a home-defense...

Review: XS Sights FR8 Glock Night Sights

Looking to upgrade your Glock? XS Sights has a new option in its FR8 night...

EDC Gear: Bushnell Rubicon T200L Flashlight

Bushnell offers its Rubicon T200L flashlight sized and built right for everyday carry.

First Look: Smith & Wesson Performance Center Model 686

The Smith & Wesson Performance Center announced the launch of its Model 686 revolver lineup.

How to Avoid Being a Victim

A huge component of personal defense is knowing how to avoid getting into a dangerous...

Why You Need Spare Parts for Your Guns

When it comes to firearm maintenance, anticipate the unexpected and keep spare parts on-hand, especially...

Review: Smith & Wesson Model 66 & Model 69 Combat Magnums

Smith & Wesson reintroduced the Combat Magnum revolver with a K-frame Model 66 .357 Mag....

The Fight-or-Flight Response: Other Coping Skills

Knowing how to deal with your natural fight-or-flight response to a potential threat can help...

Dry-Fire Practice Tips for Defensive Shooters

With a safe and sensible approach, dry-fire practice can improve your technique and ensure you...

TruGlo Offers Handgun Sight Rebate Program

For the rest of 2017, take advantage of this rebate offer from TruGlo and get...

Review: Taurus PT92 Pistol

With a pistol as iconic as the Taurus PT92, it can be all too easy...

Smith & Wesson M&P Shield: Easy Upgrade Guide

The Smith & Wesson M&P Shield is one of the more popular concealed-carry guns to...

Review: Honor Defense Honor Guard

It’s rare for a brand-new manufacturer to enter the crowded concealed-carry-handgun market at all, much...

Magpul Introduces Phone Cases for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

Owners of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus can now get the rugged Magpul Field...

Thyrm Introduces Cell Vault XL Battery Storage

Thyrm's new Cell Vault XL stores a number of batteries within easy reach.

Blackhawk Launches Demonstrator Replica Guns

Blackhawk launched a new line of demonstration guns for holster and training use.

Practicing Your Defensive Pistol Skills at Home

Gunsite Academy Instructor Ed Head walks through how to train easily at home.

Viking Solutions Complete Target System

Viking Solutions has an inexpensive AR500 target system for consumers.

Review: Trijicon’s New HD XR Night Sights

Read about our experience with Trijicon's new HD XR Night Sights.
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