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Zeiss Compact Point

Zeiss' new Compact Point lives up to its name at just 2.31 inches long and...

Range Medicine

Practical first-aid steps that can save a life.

Beretta Px4 Storm Sub-Compact

Italian styling is always welcome, whether it's really fast cars or

Cheap Handloads Tested

Here are several inexpensive reloads that acheive excellent accuracy.

Smith & Wesson's Affordable Handgun Art

Smith & Wesson's CNC-engraved handguns are reasonably priced works of art that won't shy away...

Remington 700 Sendero Tactical Makeover

It's an easier metamorphosis than you think. By selecting the right aftermarket gear, you can...

CCF RaceFrame Glock

When metal meets Glock, some say the improved handling and performance are modern alchemy. Those...

Elcan SpecterDR 1X/4X

The SpecterDR 1X/4X sight, manufactured by Raytheon subsidiary Elcan and imported by Armament Technology, is...

Nikonov AN-94

In 1993, a mysterious rifle appeared at an arms display at the elite Taman Guards...

Worst-Case Scenarios

Practice at the firing line is critical, but in a gunfight things go bad fast....


Natural rests aren't the only alternative for aiding precise shot placement.

The Ruger LCR Today

There have been some dynamic events in the world of compact (or snub-nose) revolvers.

Heckler & Koch P30

Heckler & Koch improved upon its P Series handguns with the P30, offering a host...

Taurus Raging Judge 28-Gauge

Taurus is expanding it's Judge lineup with a 28-gauge.

Canon Armory Series safes

Among the new products announced early is the Canon Armory Series of safes.

Colt 21st Century Commander

When you're looking for a handgun you plan to shoot a lot in practice, you...

Steyr M40-A1

What's this? An Austrian-made, semi-automatic, striker-fired, double-action-only, polymer-framed pistol with a paddle safety on the...

Aged to Protection

Senior citizens are getting concealed-carry permits in record numbers. We spoke to a few older...

Tactical Flashlight Buyers Guide

Choosing the correct illumination device can be difficult, but this information will help you find...

Burris B-1500 Laser Rangefinding 7x40 mm Binocular

The latest generation of laser rangefinders has changed all that by moving in with high-quality...
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