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Thoughts on Pocket Pistols

Small, defensive handguns are becoming more and more popular with citizens who carry for personal...

Violence in the Workplace

This past week a shooting occurred in a federal building in California. Two Immigration &...

How Do You Carry?

Finding the perfect holster for concealed carry is a never-ending quest.

Use of Cover

Items capable of stopping a bullet are all around you, but do you have a...

On Being Tactically Polite

Most of us come in contact with strangers on a regular basis each and every...


Sometimes, carrying two handguns makes a lot of sense.

The Downside to Competition

Upon completion of a defensive shooting school, students are often enthusiastic about finding ways to...

A Really Bad Idea

It's great to know how to slice the pie and clear a room, but should...

Should You Notify Police That You're Carrying Concealed?

Lately, there has been a good deal of discussion about whether or not you should...

The Always Gun and Its Essential Role for the Disabled

In his sixth installment in his series catering to self-defense and the disabled, the author...

Sometimes It Ain't What You Think

Think California is nothing but a bunch of anti-gun hippies? You're only mostly right. There...

Little Self-Defense Pistols

Ultra-compact pistols are all the rage, but are they a good choice for self-defense?

Doing the Right Thing

Once in a while you come across a story that just renews your faith in...

The Evil That Men Do

There are plenty of good people out there, but there are also plenty of bad...

Principles of Personal Defense

The must-have book for anyone interested in personal defense.

Combat Mindset

The combat mindset is as vital a part of self-defense as gun handling and marksmanship

Interesting Facts

The truth about gun safety.

Stay Aware

Of all the skills that are critical to a successful defensive plan, awareness is one...

Why, Full-Length Guide Rod? Why?

What exactly does a full-length guide rod add to a 1911?
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