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Going for the Not-so-Truncated Trifecta

It's been said bad things come in threes, but not always.

For one and all to see

It's hard to imagine an NRA annual meeting without grandiose display of guns, but according...

Snuffing Somber Snubbie Traits

Yes, snub-nose revolvers are light and compact, but that makes them one of the more...

Ergo Grip Launches New Grip For J-Frame Revolvers

Ergo Grip introduces a unique grip for the Smith & Wesson J-frame revolver.

The Right Gun for a Woman, According to Women

Five women test seven handguns to see which they like best. The results may surprise...

The Home-Defense Gun

Some questions to consider when selecting a firearm for home defense.

LaserLyte Reaction Tyme Training Target

Practice in the privacy of your own home without dipping into the ammo stash or...

Carry at the Office

If you're lucky enough to be legally permitted to carry a concealed firearm at work,...

N.H. Supreme Court: Loaded Means Loaded

In a unanimous opinion issued Aug. 7, the New Hampshire Supreme Court ruled the state's...

Rotate Your Ammo

How often should you change the ammunition in your carry gun?

TacTricks with Patrick Kelley: Wing Nuts

Patrick Kelley tightens a wing nut...using a .357 Mag. revolver.

Keep It Handy

If you have a concealed-carry permit, use it! You cannot predict when you might need...

Chiappa Releases 10-shot SAA Revolver

Chiappa returns to its roots with a 10-shot version of its first offering.

Buffalo Bore Ammunition

Superior terminal performance is Buffalo Bore's mission, and the company's loads prove it.

Ruger Announces Single-9 Revolver

Ruger introduced the Single-Nine, a nine-shot, single-action revolver chambered in .22 WMR.

Thought Provoking

What can a study of historical firearms and their application tell us?

CCW Breakaways Pants

With a relaxed fit and plenty of pockets, CCW Breakaways pants are built to handle...

Ruger Security-Six

With a robust frame capable of withstanding high-volume shooting of magnum ammunition, simple internal sub-assemblies...

Charter Arms Introduces PITBULL 9 mm Rimless Revolver

The new PITBULL revolver allows wheelgun enthusiasts an affordable option for the most popular handgun...

Choosing a Self-Defense Holster That's Best For You and Your Disability

By examining the key design elements of common holster types, those with disabilities will be...
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