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Next Generation Fighting Glock

How to turn a Glock into an ultra-modern self-defense pistol.

Revolver Reloads

Getting back in the fight with a wheelgun can be fast and efficient, but you...

Thoughts on Pocket Pistols

Small, defensive handguns are becoming more and more popular with citizens who carry for personal...

Use of Cover

Items capable of stopping a bullet are all around you, but do you have a...

The Downside to Competition

Upon completion of a defensive shooting school, students are often enthusiastic about finding ways to...

SIG Sauer M400

There's a lot to be said for having everything you need and nothing you don't,...

Little Self-Defense Pistols

Ultra-compact pistols are all the rage, but are they a good choice for self-defense?

Talking Double

Some defensive handgunning terms require further explanation. Such is the case with the double tap,...

.30 Rem. AR

The .30 Rem. AR may have been quickly labeled a deer-hunting cartridge, but does this...

Concealed-Carry Myths

Many new concealed-carry permit holders subscribe to a variety of myths that could have potentially...

Thumbs-Forward Handgun Grip

If you want to get on target faster and manage recoil better, try the thumbs-forward...

Failure Drill

The origin of the saying "two to the body, one to the head..."

Shotgun Drills

Practice these steps to become a better shotgunner, whether for self-defense or practical sport.

Ruger Introduces Ruger SR-556/6.8

The piston-driven AR is chambered in 6.8 SPC.

Ruger SR1911

When Ruger produces a new handgun, shooters take notice, even if it's a new take...

Mistakes to Avoid

A variety of common errors can prevent you from realizing your full potential with a...

SIG Sauer P290

The SIG Sauer P290 offers 9 mm power in an easy-to-conceal package that is controllable...

ISSC-Austria to Ship M22 Pistol in Olive Drab

ISSC-Austria adds a new color to its popular .22 LR M22 pistol.

Feet First

Your feet might be the most important part of your shooting stance. Here's how to...

Pocket-Pistol Prowess

Practicing with that convenient-to-carry gun is a critical component in your self-defense strategy.
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