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LaserLyte's Newest Laser Trainer Cartridge; The LT-380

LaserLyte responds to the fastest growing segment of the firearms market; the concealed carry/personal defense...

New Life for the .380 ACP

It may be only three-quarters the size of a .45 ACP, but the tough little...

.380 ACP Federal 90-grain Hydra-Shok JHP

Finding the right balance between penetration and expansion is the key to any defensive load.

SIG Sauer P938

Just a quick look at the size difference, or lack thereof, between SIG's new 9...

.380 ACP Winchester PDX1 95-grain JHP

Looking for a great defensive load for your pocket .380? Look no further.

Diamondback DB380

Comfortable handling combined with its easy-to-carry size make this new handgun from Diamondback an ideal...

Concealed-Carry Myths

Many new concealed-carry permit holders subscribe to a variety of myths that could have potentially...

Choosing a Self-Defense Handgun That's Best For You and Your Disability (Part 1)

Brand, features and price aren't as important as making an informative decision based on the...

.380 ACP +P Buffalo Bore 90-grain JHP

Buffalo Bore has a reputation for building quality ammunition that delivers in terms of accuracy...

Colt Introduces .380 Mustang Pocketlite Pistol

A classic backup gets even better.

9 mm +P Winchester PDX1 124-grain HP

Winchester PDX1 loads are a great choice for home defense. How does a +P version...

CrossBreed Holsters Introduces the MiniTuck

CrossBreed's newest holster was designed from the ground-up for ultra-compact .380 ACP handguns.

Hornady Critical Defense

These loads prove to be extremely effective when used in today's generation of small guns.

SIG Sauer P290

The SIG Sauer P290 offers 9 mm power in an easy-to-conceal package that is controllable...

.380 ACP Remington 102-grain Golden Saber

Ultra-compact .380 ACP handguns are very popular, and this load performs extremely well from these...

Pocket-Pistol Prowess

Practicing with that convenient-to-carry gun is a critical component in your self-defense strategy.

Walther PPK/S

Sometimes it takes a little public relations boost for a product to achieve the recognition...

Making Ordnance Gelatin

Anyone who relies on a firearm for personal protection should be interested in terminal ballistics.

.380 ACP Buffalo Bore 90-grain JHP

Buffalo Bore ammunition built its fine reputation on loading what it calls "heavy" loads for...

.380 ACP Winchester 85-grain Silvertip

The Winchester Silvertip bullet is legendary and remains a popular choice for personal defense in...
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