The Zen of Shooting

There are primarily two reasons I fail to hit a target. The first is improper attention to my sights, and the second is anticipation. Both of these phenomena are mental shortfalls; allowing your mind to focus on what it thinks is important rather than what is actually important.

Trauma Kit and Medical Plan

Being able to treat wounds is an important component of a smart self-defense plan.

Keeping It Dry: Dessicant Review

Here’s a simple and inexpensive addition you can make to your gun safe and survival gear to minimize the chances of rust and damage.

Shooter Self-Care: Providing Lifesaving Care

Learning these skills can be the thing that keeps you or a shooting buddy alive until professional help arrives, especially since many shooting ranges are well off the beaten path.

Kimber Master Carry Pistols

Kimber’s latest series of 1911s offers an ideal selection for home defense and concealed carry. Depending on your needs, one of the .45 ACP Master Carry pistols will certainly fill them with aplomb.

Beretta Tactical Summit

What happens when you take a group of gunwriters and put them through abbreviated courses? Beretta invited a bunch of us down to find out.

Maximus Arms 1911 Gladiator

Designed to elicit praise at 3-gun matches or save your life when modern lions are at the gate, this 1911 is a cut above.

Essential Gear for Sheltering in Place

When disaster strikes, there’s often no place like home. But with the power out, water shut off and emergency services unavailable, home might not be the same for awhile. These products are a good start for a plan to help you maintain security, comfort and safety while you’re sheltering in place.

Going to Louisville for NRA Annual Meeting?

The NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits take place May 20 to 22 in Louisville, so here’s a look at some of the sights and sounds you shouldn’t miss while you’re there.

High Threat Concealment Low Vis Belt

Have more than your daily carry without the bag.

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