Law & CCW: What You Need to Know for Self-Defense

Just as important as your CCW handgun, knowing and understanding the law is one of the most critical aspects of self-defense.

Hobbyists vs. Hardcore Enthusiasts: The Gun-Community Divide

Not every gun owner who carries is a hardcore gun enthusiast—but they could be.

U.S. Border Patrol Chooses Glock Handguns

The department of U.S. Customs and Border Protection awarded a contract to Glock for up to $85 million to equip its agents with a number of Glock pistols, including the new G47.

Avoidance: The Best Strategy for the Armed Citizen

For those who carry a gun for personal defense, it's worth keeping in mind that the best fight is the one you never have. Here are some tips on conflict-avoidance from the Sheriff.

Confident CCW: Overcoming Obstacles to Effective EDC

You’ll need determination as well as a gun to overcome all the obstacles to concealed carry. Here's how to address some of the common barriers observed

Get Off the X: Exiting & Equalizing in a Fight

If you find yourself without your defensive firearm or unable to reach it, you are not out of the fight. Either exit the area or arm yourself with the next-available object.

Hand-to-Hand Self-Defense Training: Which Option is Best?

A range of personal-defense disciplines are available to those looking to sharpen their hand-to-hand skills. Which one should you choose? Here's the rundown.

The Benefits of a Backup Gun

A backup gun can become a life-saving primary in certain scenarios. Here are the benefits of carrying a secondary pistol.

5 Critical Mistakes Made by Defensive Gun Owners

We’re all human, we all make mistakes. The true student will always learn from the mistakes he or she makes—and not repeat them. Here are five critical mistakes made by many well-meaning gun owners today.

Popular Blade Styles for Everyday-Carry Knives

When buying a knife for daily use, consumers are faced with countless blade styles. Which one is best for your everyday-carry kit? Here's a quick rundown of what questions to ask and several popular blade styles.

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