Review: SIG Sauer MPX Pistol

The SIG Sauer MPX pistol, chambered in 9 mm, is ready for duty, whether you're looking for a range gun or a home-defense option.

First Look: Crimson Trace S&W SD & SDVE Laserguard

Crimson Trace now offers its popular Laserguard laser sight for Smith & Wesson's affordable SD and SDVE pistol series.

Review: Remington TAC-14

Looking for a good home-defense firearm? The new Remington TAC-14 might just be the fit you’re looking for.

Review: Ruger 9E Pistol

The slogan on the Ruger 9E pistol's box says "Arms Maker For Responsible Citizens," but the company's unofficial motto could be: "Quality Guns For Regular Folk On A Budget."

First Look: Crimson Trace Offerings for Glock Gen5

Crimson Trace rolled out a wide array of laser sights for the new Glock Gen5 pistol, giving owners a chance to accessorize the latest and greatest handgun out from Glock.

Review: Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0 Pistol

Some rivalries are larger than life, and the one between Smith & Wesson and Glock in the service-grade handgun market is no exception. The latest matchup has just moved into a new round with the new Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0.

First Look: LaserMax GripSense CenterFire Light and Laser

LaserMax is now shipping GripSense-equipped CenterFire handgun lasers for Ruger and Smith & Wesson pistols.

Review: Arex Rex Zero 1S Pistol

While its name may conjure images of a ginormous prehistoric reptile capable of squishing sluggish “unfortunates” between its toes, this semi-automatic pistol from Slovenia distinguishes itself with popular features and a price that won’t take a big bite.

Setting Up Your AR for Stealth

When outfitting a rifle with accessories, always keep your designated task in mind.

LaserMax Centerfire Laser for Smith & Wesson M&P 45 Shield

LaserMax has expanded its line of laser aiming devices to include a fit for the new 45 Shield.

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