2016 New Guns: Handguns

As more Americans buy guns for personal protection, new offerings for that expanding market abound. Never before has there been such a wide selection of purpose-built firearms for self-defense.

Guide to Pocket Carry

Summer is here, which means cover garments are tough to don in the heat. Still, you need to be ready to defend yourself, which may necessitate a change in carry pistol and method. Here are 10 options for pocket carry to make sure you’re ready to face a threat, even when the mercury rises.

Taurus PT 738 TCP Gallery

If you're in the market for a pocket pistol with full-size features, take a closer look at this Taurus.

Taurus PT 738 TCP

The handgun lives up to the functional, pocket-pistol moniker, but don't let this fully loaded handgun's size fool you.

Ankle Holsters

Part IV of Richard Mann's look at concealed carry options will tell you everything you need to know about finding and using ankle holsters.

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