Kimber Super Carry Pro

Not all handgun manufacturers have the same definition of "custom shop." Take the Kimber Custom Shop, for example.

Building a Home-Defense AR Upper

Although it's not as tough to find a new AR for sale as it was a year ago, the carbines crowding the racks of your local gunshop may not have the features you want. One solution is to build an AR configured exactly to your liking.

Sprinco USA Kimber 4-inch Pro/Compact Recoil Reducer

An accessory that helps us become better shooters and lessens the wear and tear on your pistol in the process would be ideal. Enter Sprinco USA's Recoil Reducer.

Why I Shoot IDPA

No need to buy a pile of special gear to shoot an IDPA match; just bring your carry gun in its holster and see how well you can handle the pressure.

As Gun Ownership Grows, Crime Drops

Data released by the FBI last week indicates a significant decrease in violent crime in U.S. urban areas, and pro-Second Amendment organizations were quick to point out the relationship between the rise in personal firearm ownership and the drop in gun-related violence.

Walther PPK/S

Sometimes it takes a little public relations boost for a product to achieve the recognition it deserves.

RCBS Has Introduced New Accessory Upgrades

This new reloading equipment is available on store shelves now.

The Truth About Pistons

If 2009 was the year of the AR, this year is shaping up to be the year of the gas-piston operating system.

Ruger SR40C

Ruger has introduced the Ruger SR40 pistol. The SR40c is the compact version of the recoil reducing, striker-fired SR40 pistol, one of the slimmest and most ergonomic full-sized .40 caliber pistols on the market today.

Missouri Governor Signs "Laundry List" Gun Measure

It took multiple years, two hard-fought election cycles, and culminated with the overriding of a gubernatorial veto in 2003, so Missourians are anything but complacent when it comes to their right to carry concealed for personal protection.

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