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Pennsylvania Castle Doctrine Legislation Vetoed

Alleging it "would have threatened—not enhanced—the public safety of Pennsylvania citizens," lame-duck Gov. Ed Rendell vetoed legislation that would have permitted law-abiding gun owners to legally protect themselves beyond portions of their homes and workplaces.

Brownells Offers Affordable LE 37/40mm Low Force Trainer Kit

Brownells new Low Force Trainer Kit is an economical training alternative for agencies using less-lethal or bean-bag 37mm and 40mm rounds.

The Reality of it All

The self-defense scenario in your mind is unlikely to reflect reality. Here are some ideas on how to make it closer to the truth.

Stand Your Ground

A number of states have laws that fall in this category, but they're all coming under fire.

Words We Have to Eat

Be careful what you say, write and post online. It could come back to haunt you if you have to use lethal force in self-defense.

UTAS UTS-15: Powerhouse Pump

With 15 rounds on board, the 12-gauge UTS-15 shotgun from UTAS USA is a formidable home defender.

Act Decisively

Having a plan is part of being prepared. Being able to put that plan into action and see it through to a satisfactory conclusion is key to surviving unpleasant encounters.

The Sound of One Hand Shooting

While most of us train with our weak hands, how many have actually put some thought behind the rest of the story—why we're fighting with our weak hand?

Short on Ammo, Long on Time, Part I

Even when you can't get to the range, even when you don't feel like dry-firing for the umpteenth time, there are ways to train to prepare yourself.

Short on Ammo, Long on Time, Part II

There are things we can do outside of the range to prepare us for confrontation. Second part in a series.

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