Muzzle-Device Modification: Tools, Tips & Techniques

When it comes to DIY rifle modification, a few simple guidelines can help you avoid any unwanted outcomes.

Introducing the New 22 Nosler

Nosler announced the addition of the 22 Nosler round to its lineup, allowing AR-15 users to increase the capability of their rifles with little modification.

Pinned 1911 Grip Safety: What Does It Do?

Every once in a while, you'll run across a pinned grip safety on an old 1911. Our Tech Wisdom editor explains why they made this modification.

First Look: Real Avid Lug-Lok AR-15 Vise Block

Secure your AR-15 upper receiver on your workbench for maintenance and modification with the all-new Lug-Lok Vise Block from Real Avid.

New for 2018: Wilson Combat 92G Vertec/Brigadier Tactical

For fans of the Beretta 92, Wilson Combat is offering a special version built with a Vertec-grip modification, making it more 1911-like in grip design.

The .450 SMC: A Potent & Practical Defensive Cartridge

Sometimes the modification of cartridges can lead to evolutionary improvements. Here's the story behind the development of the .450 SMC, one of the most-potent .45-caliber handgun cartridges on the market.

How to Change Handgun Sights The Right Way

Swapping the sights on your handgun is often the first modification you’ll want to make. Here’s how to change them without driving yourself mad.

Magpul Zhukov AK Handguard

We've covered Magpul's emerging line of furniture for the AK-47 platform previously, with the Zhukov-S Stock, pistol grip and MOE AK handguard.

The Finicky Feed Lips Affair

Since work prevented me from continuing the function test of my project last Friday, I spent the weekend practicing strobist-style photography with my Canon Rebel, XSI in preparation for an upcoming business trip to Montana.

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