What's the Benefit of a Lightweight Rifle?

Ever wonder what the big deal is about lightweight rifles? Here’s one reason for shaving ounces.

14 Lightweight Stocks for Your AR-15

Shave weight off your next AR-15 build with any one of these lightweight, feature-packed stocks.

First Look: Samson Manufacturing SXS Lightweight Handguard

The new SXS Lightweight handguard, designed for the AR-15 platform, is one of the newest products out from Samson Manufacturing.

Review: Samson Manufacturing SXS Lightweight Handguard

Ounces make pounds, and the SXS Lightweight Handguard from Samson Manufacturing allows full modularity while keeping weight to a minimum.

Faxon Firearms Lightweight Bolt Carrier Group

Faxon Firearms created a lightweight bolt carrier group that includes skeletonizing and light materials to reduce weight as much as possible.

First Look: Adaptive Tactical Lightweight Tactical Grip

Adaptive Tactical, LLC, is introducing the new Lightweight Tactical Grip (LTG) for AR-15/AR-9 rifles and AR pistols.

Woolrich Announces Women's Elite Lightweight Pant

After gathering the input of female law enforcement officers and concealed carry permit holders, Woolrich Elite Series has introduced a revised Elite Lightweight Tactical Pant for women.

Lancer Systems Introduces New Lightweight Carbon-Fiber Handguard

Lancer Systems introduced its Lightweight Carbon-Fiber Handguard (LCH) for AR pattern rifles.

First Look: Ed Brown Lightweight CCO 1911 Pistol

Ed Brown expanded its product lineup to include a carry-oriented option in the new Lightweight CCO 1911 pistol.

New for 2020: Smith & Wesson Performance Center Lightweight T/CR22 Rifles

The Smith & Wesson Performance Center has expanded its rifle line with the addition of four new lightweight .22 LR rimfire rifles.

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