First Look: AmmoMan Shot Group Analyzer

AmmoMan recently introduced the Shot Group Analyzer, a free online tool to help you measure groups more accurately.

2019 Rifle of The Year: Ruger PC Carbine

Thanks to its popularity, affordability and versatility, Shooting Illustrated named the Ruger PC Carbine as its 2019 Rifle of the Year.

My AR-15 Addiction: Building from a Single Handguard

From a single handguard, an entire AR-15 grows. And this one came together with a unique, all-FDE look.

Surviving Hurricane Irma: Lessons in Preparedness

Slammed by the eyewall of Hurricane Irma in Florida, contributor Kevin Creighton talks about what he needed to stay safe, secure and prepared during the storm.

Picking an Angled Foregrip

The use of angled foregrips on rifles is becoming more popular among shooters, but what kinds of options are there? Kevin Creighton examines three here.

ABDO Concealed Carry Portable Firearm Safe

The EAA ABDO Concealed Carry Portable Firearm Safe offers a unique way to carry a small pocket auto in disguise on a belt.


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