Evolution of Defensive Tactics

In the defensive-equipment realm, we really have come a long way, baby.

3 Must-Have Elements of Personal Defense

Finding the right gear is important, but defensive shooters need to keep several critical elements in mind, as Sheriff Jim explains.

'My Way or the Highway:' The Wrong Way to Teach & Train

Instructors who insist on one way of doing things or students who refuse to learn do nobody any favors, says Sheriff Jim. Here's how to approach training.

Shooting Stance: What's Right for You?

Confused about the proper pistol-shooting stance? Check out our breakdown here.

Skills Check: Max Michel 7x7x7 Drill

The 7x7x7 Drill, inspired by SIG Sauer team captain Max Michel, will teach you how fast you really are.

Handgun Handling: It Starts With Stance

There's lots of debate over proper handgun handling, and stance is one of the key issues discussed by today's experts. Here are some thoughts from a handgun handler with half a century behind a gun.

Pistol Red Dots: Making the Most of a Slide-Mounted Optic

Pistols with red-dot sights are all the rage, but many shooters have specific difficulties resulting from years of practice with iron sights. Here are some ways to fix those problems and make the most of this relatively new, versatile optic for your handgun.

Home-Defense Shotgun Handling: Which Stance is Best?

With a home-defense shotgun, your stance is key to making hits and providing follow-up shots. But, which shotgun stance is right for you?

Range Review: Kel-Tec RDB-S Survival Carbine

Designed for survival use and easily stowed in any outdoor pack, the Kel-Tec RDB-S Survival carbine is one of the more interesting guns to emerge in recent years.

Dealing with Anticipation When Shooting

Solving the problem of anticipation while shooting is largely a problem with mindset. Enter the "zen" of shooting and focus your mind with these techniques.

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