Law Tactical Gen 2 AR Folding Stock Adapter

A folding stock on a direct-gas AR? Yup. And it works.

First Look: Gerber FlatIron Folding Knife

Built with a unique blade that continues to be popular among the EDC crowd, the Gerber FlatIron folding knife is built for daily use.

First Look: DoubleStar Brimstone Folding Knife

Designed for daily carry and use, the DoubleStar Brimstone Folding Knife is made from high-quality materials.

First Look: Gerber Kettlebell Folding Knife

Designed for daily carry use, the Gerber Kettlebell folding knife is purpose-built to offer ruggedness in a compact package.

First Look: Cold Steel Range Boss Folding Knife

Now they are coming out with the new Range Boss folding lockback for 2021, adding to their already extensive line of everyday carry folding knives.

First Look: MDT Folding Stock Adapter

With a growing number of precision rifles compatible with AR-style butt stocks, the MDT Folding Stock Adapter makes it possible to have a compact precision-rifle platform.

Mission First Tactical React Folding Grip

Need a sturdy foregrip that knows when to get out of the way? Mission First Tactical's React Folding Grip might be just what you need.

Buyers Guide: Tactical Folding Knives

Folding knives get the nod over fixed-blade models for daily use, simply because they are more convenient to carry. Thanks to improved locking mechanisms, better materials used in construction and innovative design, today's crop of folders are tough enough for serious duty while being easier to take with you than a Blackberry.

First Look: GiantMouse Riv Folding Knife

GiantMouse Knives released the Riv, a new model in the company’s ACE line of folding knives, proving yet again that good things do come in small packages.

First Look: Bear & Son Slip-Joint Aluminum Folding Knives

Bear & Son Cutlery introduced a new line of slip-joint aluminum folding knives that are perfect for everyday carry.

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