The History of the Glock G17

A revolution in firearm design that begat a revolution in self-defense.

How Thermal Optics Work

The night is no longer to be feared. With infrared imaging technology, also known as thermal optics, darkness is your boon companion.

Cordova Named Official NRA-Licensed Cooler

Keep your drinks ice-cold while representing your Second Amendment pride. Invest in Cordova Coolers, now the official licensed cooler of the National Rifle Association.

First Look: Cordova Soft-Side Cooler

Looking to keep your drinks ice-cold while out on a hot range day? Check out the lightweight, flexible design of the all-new Cordova Soft-Side Cooler.

First Look: Cordova 125 XL Cooler

Built as the biggest cooler in the Cordova company lineup, the 125 XL is ready for any adventure, thanks to its durable, hard-sided construction.

First Look: ORCA 26-Quart Cooler

In the market for a solid cooler that will keep your drinks ice-cold during a long day at the range? Check out this 26-quart option from Orca.

Surviving Hurricane Irma: Lessons in Preparedness

Slammed by the eyewall of Hurricane Irma in Florida, contributor Kevin Creighton talks about what he needed to stay safe, secure and prepared during the storm.

Four Improved AR-15 Trigger Sets Under $100

Looking to improve the mil-spec AR-15 trigger in your budget rifle? Check out these four trigger sets that won't break the bank.

Bull Hill Training Ranch Hosts Freedom Has a Face Charity Event

Bull Hill Training Ranch hosts an annual charity event called Freedom Has a Face, supporting families of fallen veterans.

LifeProof iPhone 4/4S Case

Capable of safeguarding your smartphone from everday hazzards, the LifeProof iPhone 4/4S Case protects your smartphone from almost all kinds of damage.


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