US PeaceKeeper Products Rapid Deployment Pack

Keep your vital gun and survival gear ready to go at a moment's notice with this versatile pack.

Bushmaster ACR

The wait is over! After years of anticipation the Bushmaster ACR is finally here, but can it live up to the hype?

Rock River Arms PDS Pistol

Rock River Arms shakes up the AR-pistol universe with a model that eliminates the pesky naked buffer tube.

How to Survive a Terrorist Attack

As the likelihood of a small-scale act of terrorism continues to increase, SIG Sauer Academy's "Civilian Response to Terrorist Threats" course is designed to keep you alive.


Natural rests aren't the only alternative for aiding precise shot placement.

Blue Force Gear Tactical Rig

Keep the essentials organized and quickly accessible without becoming sluggish under the load.

DS Arms SA58 Para Tactical Carbine

How is it that Belgians design and manufacture some of the greatest firearms known to man, yet get conquered every time the German Bundesliga gets more boring than soccer usually is?


Though its design is 33 years old, the Steyr AUG still looks like some sort of science-fiction gun.

SIG Sauer SIG522 Classic

With the cost of ammunition approaching the stratosphere, it doesn't take rocket scientist-like moxie to figure out why many firearm manufacturers are marketing rimfire variants of some of their more popular tactical-style, semi-automatic rifles.

Ruger Mini-14

Anyone who has ever handled an M1 Garand, M14 or M1 Carbine immediately feels a kinship when shooting this handy rifle.

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