FBI to Issue Winchester Ammo for New 9 mm Handguns

While the Federal Bureau of Investigation makes the switch to Glock 9 mm handguns, the new stock of 9 mm handguns will be fed Winchester duty ammunition.

New for 2018: Auto-Ordnance 1911A1 in 9 mm

Auto-Ordnance expanded its 1911A1 pistol lineup in 2018 to include a 9 mm version of its popular USGI-style model.

First Look: XTech Tactical VP9/P30 9 mm Magazine Conversion Kit

XTech Tactical recently released the new VP9 and P30 9 mm Magazine Conversion kits for the Heckler and Koch VP9 & P30 9 mm pistol.

Fightin' Iron: The ASP 9 mm Pistol

The single-stack 9 mm ASP pistol as a discreet-carry gun has a surprisingly long history.

Kimber Solo 9 mm Pistol Review

Bart Skelton had a chance to look over the compact 9 mm Kimber Solo. Take a look at his thoughts here.

First Look: SAR USA 2000 9 mm Pistol

SAR USA recently introduced the new 2000 pistol line in 9 mm.

10 Great Defense Loads for the 9 mm

David Workman takes a look at 10 great options for defense loads in 9 mm.

Springfield Armory XD-S 9 mm 4.0

Springfield Armory's all-new XD-S 9 mm 4.0 was introduced earlier this year, and one found its way to the Editor's Desk...

First Look: Nosler Custom Competition 9 mm Bullet

Nosler expanded its Custom Competition bullet lineup with new 9 mm options for competitors looking for heavier projectile options.

Range Review: CMMG Resolute 9 mm Upper and Magazine Inserts

Been thinking about a pistol-caliber carbine, but didn't want to have to buy a whole new gun? With CMMG's 9 mm upper receiver and AR-15-based 9 mm magazines, you can keep your favorite lower.

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