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Guys, Gals and Guns

When men try to help the women in their lives learn to shoot or select a handgun, they often make these mistakes.

The Fix: The Electric Slide

You have felt the need to acquire a handgun for personal protection and perhaps some recreational shooting. Although you have owned revolvers in the past, you’d like to try a semi-automatic to modernize.

Train Between Training

There’s no substitute for professional training, but there’s a lot you can do to keep your skills fresh when school’s not in session.

Work Hard, Play Hard

Ultra-modern indoor ranges may be quickly spreading across the nation, but there’s another breed of firearm experience rapidly gaining favor with shooters—even if they don’t own a gun. Want a silver-screen experience, prefer the smell of sweat in the morning or looking for a change in scenery? Now you can find it on the range.

Using the Bathroom While Carrying Concealed

A lot of people focus on self-defense tactics for concealed carry, but using the bathroom while strapped is a much more likely scenario a CCW-holder might encounter. Here are some toilet tips.

Defining and Defending Your Personal Battle Space

Whether the threat is near or far, there are a number of best practices for self-defense that could save your life. Here's how to assess and address threats you may face.

Handgun Service Life: Facts & Factors

What determines the service life of a handgun? Is there a certain number of rounds that guns are built for? Here's a rundown of the facts and factors that determine how long your handgun will last.

SIG Sauer and Max Michel Team Up to Prevent Suicide

SIG Sauer and Max Michel have partnered with the Active Heroes Foundation to raise money toward veteran services.

SIG Sauer Academy Adds Courses and Coming to Texas

SIG Sauer Academy Adds Courses and Coming to Texas.

Trigger Reset: Should You Use It?

Many of today's handguns have a short-reset point, where the trigger mechanism "resets" at a shorter point to allow for a shorter trigger pull. Should you take advantage of this feature? See what the experts say.

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