Laser Training Devices for Better Practice

Are they gimmicks or gear good enough to improve your shooting?

Ruger Announces SP101 Chambered for .22 LR

The new .22 LR Ruger® SP101 is true to Ruger standards of rugged reliability and perfect for those seeking a quality small frame revolver.

Smith & Wesson SD Series

Smith & Wesson owned the world of handguns when revolvers were king. "Those were the days," but times have changed, and the company has set its sights firmly on the polymer market by adding to its lineup with the SD series.

AGI Launches DVD on Precision Long Range Shooting

The American Gunsmithing Institute has a new DVD on the Secrets of Precision Long Range Shooting, guaranteed to increase the hunter and/or tactical shooter's accuracy by 37%.

Use of Cover

Items capable of stopping a bullet are all around you, but do you have a plan to get to cover and use it effectively?

The Armed Citizen and Aggressiveness

Controlled anger is the best response to a violent attack.

Live With It

The Sheriff has some advice for dealing with folks who appear uncomfortable with their firearms.

Keep it Fun

Range time can be very serious, but it should also be fun.

Birchwood Casey Introduces Monstroid Darkotic Targets

Test your shooting skills against things that "go bump in the night" with the new Darkotic Monstroid targets from Birchwood Casey.

Unleaded Workout

Budgets and work schedules make it nearly impossible to find time—much less money—to send hundreds of rounds downrange every week. But with a safe and sensible approach, dry-fire practice can improve your technique.

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