New for 2020: Howard Leight Impact Sport Honor Collection

The new Howard Leight Impact Sport Honor Collection pays homage to such heroes and is sure to be appreciated by anyone who values our unique, American freedoms.

7 Great AR Pistols Available Now

AR-style pistols are hugely popular options for today's enthusiasts, and there are many options on the market. We've taken a closer look at seven of them.

Review: POF-USA Wonder

As the AR-platform market matures and settles, we’re starting to see expansion into underserved, but important, niches.

I Carry: Independence Day EDC

In celebration of Independence Day, we're carrying a classic Colt Gold Cup National Match 1911 in a few America-inspired pieces of everyday-carry gear.

Classic Guns: The M41 Carcano

Changing its military rifle during wartime was a mistake for Italy, but that doesn't take away from the impressive qualities of the M41 Carcano.

Review: LWRCI IC-DI Standard AR-15

The DI 5.56 AR-15 is LWRCI's first entry into the direct-impingement market. We checked it out here.

First Look: Barnaul Rifle & Pistol Ammunition

Following great success in the Great Patriotic War against its fascist enemies, the Barnaul ammunition plant began producing fodder for use by military and civilian shooters across the world.

Review: Howa Model 1500 APC Chassis Rifle

Getting into the long-range game just got a lot less expensive thanks to the Howa Model 1500 APC Chassis rifle, which also looks sharp with its patriotic finish.

Cordova Named Official NRA-Licensed Cooler

Keep your drinks ice-cold while representing your Second Amendment pride. Invest in Cordova Coolers, now the official licensed cooler of the National Rifle Association.

New for 2018: RISE Armament Legacy Rifle

Offered in support of Folds of Honor, the Legacy Rifle from RISE Armament brings patriotic flair to the company's line of enhanced AR-15s.

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