US PeaceKeeper Products Rapid Deployment Pack

Keep your vital gun and survival gear ready to go at a moment's notice with this versatile pack.

Aftermarket Shotgun Sights

When you really break down the virtues of the 12-gauge shotgun, it is easily the most-versatile firearm and chambering extant.

Zel Custom Tactilite T1 in .338 Lapua Mag.

The modularity of modern firearms is one of their appealing features, and the Tactilite T1 from Zel Custom takes modularity to a whole new level.

The Best of Bullpups

Without question, it’s easy to find yourself in sensory overload at the SHOT show, due to having so much cool stuff under one roof to gawk at.

Wilson Combat SPR

The Wilson Combat SPR may not look like a stereotypical classic, but the attention to detail and handcrafting rivals that of the legendary Hawken.

LaRue Tactical OBR

The LaRue Tactical OBR features the same rugged construction we've grown to expect from the company, and the performance to match.

Guns for Gals

So you want to buy a handgun? I have a hard time recommending just one, but since I get this question all the time, here are some of my favorites.

The "Practical" Shotgun

Practical shooting, as a sport, pits competitive shooters against each other in an explosive blend of speed and accuracy, with the added pressure of an unforgiving clock.

Ruger .44 Spl. Flat Top Blackhawk

Some marketing labels really have a lasting impact. Throughout a lifetime of living and breathing firearms, it seems to me the most dominant word has been "magnum."

How to Properly Use A Weapon Mounted Light

Choosing the best weapon mounted light and learning how to use it properly are key components of a self-defense plan.

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