Benefits of Shooting From Downed Positions

Much of the practice people receive today with their concealed-carry gun involves standing up and facing the target. Bart Skelton talks about the benefit of shooting from these different positions.

What's the Proper Pistol-Shooting Stance?

Confused about the proper pistol-shooting stance? Check out our breakdown here.

Skills Check: 7x7x7 Drill

The 7x7x7 Drill, inspired by SIG Sauer-sponsored shooter Max Michel, will teach you how fast you really are.

Choosing the Right Shotgun Stance

With the defensive shotgun, your stance is key to making hits and providing follow-up shots. But, which shotgun stance is right for you?

Gunnie Arguments that Make No Sense

This is *not* what it sounds like when doves cry...

Top Five Shooting Stances

No handgun stance is perfect for every individual or situation, but here are five that will cover just about anything a shooter is likely to face.

My Stance on Stances

Debating the minutiae of a proper shooting stance is less important than knowing what makes them effective.

The Zen of Shooting

There are primarily two reasons I fail to hit a target. The first is improper attention to my sights, and the second is anticipation. Both of these phenomena are mental shortfalls; allowing your mind to focus on what it thinks is important rather than what is actually important.

Crossed-Thumbs Revolver Grip

Did you buy an ultra-lightweight or polymer revolver and find the recoil to be a bit harsh? If so, a crossed-thumbs grip may help.

Walther PPS

To me, the Walther PPS looks like something from a James Bond movie. It's thin and compact, black and covert with a utilitarian, mean appearance.

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