Border Patrol Authorizes Use of Leupold Mark 5HD Riflescopes

After examining the rugged features found in the new Leupold Mark 5HD series of optics, the U.S. Border Patrol cleared the scopes for duty use on future precision platforms.

7 NRA Carry Guard Expo Workshops You Need to Try

Want to build your self-defense and preparedness skills? Here are seven workshops available to attendees at the NRA Carry Guard Expo you won't want to miss.

Speer Ammo Chosen by NYPD

The New York City Police Department signed a five-year contract with Speer Ammo, which will provide the agency with up to $18 million in duty ammo.

Scandinavian Police Agencies Choose Federal Premium

The Danish National Police, Norwegian Police and Swedish Police Authority all chose to arm their law-enforcement officers with Federal Premium ammunition.

Federal Premium Wins Homeland Security Ammo Contract

Under the terms of the contract, Federal Premium will provide up to 180 million rounds of .40 S&W to Immigration and Customs Enforcement and several other Homeland Security agencies.

Speer Gold Dot Awarded Homeland Security Ammo Contract

Up to 120 million rounds of 9 mm will be produced by Speer for the Department of Homeland Security under the new contract.

Tips for Glass-Bedding a Rifle

Glass-bedding a rifle is a great way to improve accuracy, but there are important tips to follow to ensure it gets done correctly.

When Will the Hearing Protection Act Pass?

Many people are anticipating the quick passage of the Hearing Protection Act. However, the wait might be longer than you think.

Defending Yourself Against a Knife Attack

If you think having a gun means you’ll definitely win in a fight against a knife-wielding assailant, think again. Here are some things to consider when planning for self-defense.

First Texas Armed School Marshalls Begin Training

Providing one more option to protect the safety of students, Texas has begun allowing permitted teachers and administrators to become school marshalls who can legally carry concealed firearms for protection.

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