Ticker Changes Next Week for American Outdoor Brands

Smith & Wesson is, yet again, on its own as American Outdoor Brands splits into two separate entities.

Product Review: Slip2000 Carbon Killer Solvent

More than a bore solvent, when used properly Carbon Killer can take your gun cleaning to the next level.

How COVID-19 has Affected the Shooting Industry

The COVID-19 crisis has had a tremendous impact on the shooting industry, from firearms and ammunition manufacturers to retailers.

Otis Technology Buys DRD Tactical

Otis Technology, known for its expansive line of firearm cleaning products, announced it had bought firearm manufacturer DRD Tactical in October 2019.

First Look: MTM Case-Gard Gun Cleaning Patch Catcher

Tired of having fouling, solvent and dirty patches all over your bench or table? This inexpensive accessory from MTM Case-Gard makes cleaning easy.

First Look: Real Avid Master Cleaning Station

Confused by the mess of brushes, swabs and other cleaning supplies at your gun shop? The Real Avid Master Cleaning Station aims to make gun maintenance simpler.

First Look: Clenzoil Multi-Caliber Gun-Cleaning Kits

Coming into 2019, Clenzoil developed new cleaning kits in response to consumer demands.

How to Clean Your Guns: Tips from an Expert

Cleaning firearms is not at the top of the list of fun things to do, but do it we must. However, there are some useful tips that help make this tedious task somewhat less irritating.

First Look: RamRodz Rifle and Barrel Cleaners

Designed specifically to clean 5.56 mm or any .22-caliber rifle, these Rifle and Barrel Cleaners from RamRodz are packed with features that will get your guns clean.

Otis Technology Gun Giveaway Celebrates New Websites

Commemorating the launch of two new redesigned websites, Otis Technology is sponsoring a gun giveaway. Here's how to enter.

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