Kathy Jackson's Instructor Development Course Review

Teaching new shooters is a critical duty, so getting those instructors the best education possible is a top priority.

Smith & Wesson Performance Center Shield

The Smith & Wesson Performance Center version of the Shield is a handful in .40 S&W.

New Ammo Offerings for 2017

While ammunition is superior now versus any other point in history, the even better news is that it’s continuously improving. Here are new options for 2017.

The Benefits of Hornady's SBR-Specific Ammo

Hornady’s latest offering is optimized for short-barreled variants of America’s Rifle.

Review: Wilson Combat ULC Commander 1911 Pistol

The new Wilson Combat ULC Commander 1911 is designed to provide 1911 shooters with an ideal concealed-carry pistol.

Hornady Critical Defense vs. Critical Duty: Which is Better?

The Critical Duty and Critical Defense ammo from Hornady are two of the company's popular offerings for personal defense. Which one should you choose? Learn the differences here.

Review: Springfield Armory XD Mod.2

With the Springfield Armory XD Mod.2, the company went back to the drawing board with its popular XD pistol lineup and decided things could be better.

Review: Ruger SR1911 in 10 mm

In 2017, Ruger announced the release of a 10 mm model of its Ruger SR1911. We ran the gun through its paces in our review.

FBI Chooses Hornady Critical Duty for Issue Ammo

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is equipping its inventory of .40 S&W handguns with Hornady's 175-grain FlexLock Critical Duty ammo.

10mm Auto: What's the Big Deal?

While there are more popular caliber options on the market, the 10mm Auto cartridge has always remained popular with many shooters. Why? Here's a rundown.

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