New for 2019: Century Arms PSL 54

Outfitted like a classic Dragunov, the new Century Arms PSL 54 is build on a Romanian RPK clone and offers consumers a chance to own lookalike of a famous Soviet sniper rifle.

Explosion Leaves Future Century Arms Imports in Doubt

After an explosion at the Cugir arms factory in Romania, the production and importation of Century Arms WASR and Draco firearms remains in limbo.

New for 2018: Century Arms TP9 Elite Combat

Resulting from a collaboration between Salient Arms and Century Arms, consumers can now choose an upgraded Canik handgun in the form of the Century Arms TP9 Elite Combat.

Classic Guns: French FAMAS Bullpup Rifle

Long before the SA80, the F2000 or the Tavor, the French FAMAS brought the compactness of a bullpup to a major world power’s military.

US PALM Brand and Legacy Products Return

After closing in August 2017, well-known AK accessories manufacturer US PALM is back in the market and is planning new product launches for SHOT Show 2019.

4 Apocalypse-Ready Rifles: Which One is Best?

If you're in the market for an apocalypse-ready rifles, there are many different types that can fit the role. Which one should you choose? We examine pros and cons here.

Bushnell Recognizes Bryce Towsley for Lifetime Achievement

Longtime Shooting Illustrated contributor Bryce Towsley received the Bill McRae Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2018 NRA Annual Meetings in Dallas, TX.

First Look: Red Army Standard 7.62x39 Ammo

Century Arms' Red Army Standard brand brought back its popular 7.62x39 ammo offering last year and is importing select quantities for American consumers.

New for 2018: Century Arms Canik TP9SA Mod.2 Pistol

The Century Arms TP9SA received a Mod.2 update in 2018, incorporating a number of enhancements suggested by professionals.

New for 2018: Century Arms C39v2 Blade AK Pistol

Completely made in America, the Century Arms C39v2 can now be had with a Shockwave Blade pistol-stabilizing brace.

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