Safe Shotgun Storage: Common, Custom & Commercial Options

There are plenty of ways to make sure your shotgun is safely stowed, yet close at hand.

I Carry: Smith & Wesson M&P Shield M2.0 in a Blackhawk Holster

In this week's episode of "I Carry," we look at using a Smith & Wesson M&P Shield M2.0 in a Blackhawk holster, along with a few other essential pieces of EDC gear.

Handgun Sights: The Weakest Link

For decades, handgun sights were difficult to use and, as aftermarket sights became popular, had a habit of popping off. Here's a look at how to preserve your analog sighting option.

First Look: Blue Force Gear Tourniquet Now! Pouch

Designed to protect life-saving tourniquets from the environment, the Blue Force Gear Tourniquet Now! Pouch is available to prepared citizens and professionals.

Offset Backup Iron Sights for Your AR-15: Worth It?

When he first encountered offset backup iron sights designed for an AR-style rifle, our Rifles editor wasn't too impressed. Here are his thoughts now.

5 Great Hand Tools for AR-15 Rifle Maintenance

The following hand tools help keep any AR-15, America's most popular rifle, running right.

The EDC Tourniquet: Development and Application

If you're committed to having a concealed-carry gun every day, then it's worth considering other EDC gear for daily carry, such as a tourniquet. Here's some background on this handy emergency tool.

Review: Leupold HAMR Multi-Range Riflescope

If you like magnified optics, the Leupold Mark 4 HAMR multi-range riflescope includes a number of desirable features for the rifle shooter.

Must-Know Tips for Home Defense

If your home is invaded and your family threatened, you need to be prepared. Check out our top home defense tips.

Optic Overview: Sightmark Wolverine FSR Red Dot Sight

Need an inexpensive red dot optic with a lengthy battery life? The Sightmark Wolverine FSR has you covered.

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