First Look: Wilson Combat .458 HAM'R Tactical Hunter

Chambered in the exclusive .458 HAM'R, the Wilson Combat Tactical Hunter is purpose-built for performance.

.50 Beowulf AR-15: A Home Defense Option?

Alexander Arms developed an AR-15 that shoots a big-bore cartridge the company calls the .50 Beowulf. Why does it belong in your collection? Learn more about it here.

Review: Alexander Arms Ulfberht .338 Lapua Mag.

Alexander Arms has reinvented the long-range rifle with its semi-automatic Ulfberht in .338 Lapua Mag. Simple, yet effective, this big boy is a joy to shoot and accurate at ranges in excess of 1,000 yards.

New AR-15 Rifles for 2017

We protected our firearms freedoms with an unprecedented display of political strength in 2016. Check out the new AR-15 rifles that 2017 brought us.

Frontier Tactical Announces FT-15 Series of Rifles

Frontier Tactical, a veteran-owned company, is offering its own line of AR-15s and receivers.

New Ammo Offerings for 2017

While ammunition is superior now versus any other point in history, the even better news is that it’s continuously improving. Here are new options for 2017.

The Benefits of Frangible Bullets

They say that breaking up is hard to do. Not necessarily.

Hexmag Introduces Series 2 AR Magazines

Hexmag made a number of improvements to its polymer AR mags and launched the Series 2.

Big-Bore AR Rifles for Survival

Why a large hole in the muzzle of your AR-15 might help keep you alive if the world falls apart.

Building a Lightweight AR-15

The path to a sub-5-pound AR-15 requires less effort than you might think, but you need to know how to navigate its twists and turns to find that featherweight destination.

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