Perfect Fitz

The modifications J.H. FitzGerald made to wheelguns more than 80 years ago paved the way for the modern snub-nose revolver.

Springfield SOCOM 16

Springfield Armory sought out to further improve upon the idea within its own well-established M1A product, and the SOCOM 16 was born. The most obvious change came with the shortened 16-inch barrel, giving the SOCOM a decidedly tactical look and feel.

Colt 21st Century Commander

When you're looking for a handgun you plan to shoot a lot in practice, you want something full-sized and comfortable to fire.

Life With the 1911

Some may disagree on the greatest pistol ever made, but life without a warhorse in the stable would be empty.

Tony Rist Tactical Oval 1911 Grips

A simple and attractive fix to cure an an age-old ergonomic problem with America's favorite pistol.

Memorial Day

What's the big deal if your grandfather earned five Bronze Stars—not the two the family knew about? Such stories are poingnant reasons to dust off those boxes in the attic this Memorial Day Weekend.

To Bob or Not to Bob

When it comes to concealing a handgun, women don't have as many options as men. It's a sad fact, what works for him won't work for her. As simple as it may sound, it plays a critical role regarding one of the J-frame's features.

Fightin' Iron: Remington 870 Shotgun

The timeless Remington 870 is 60 years old and has seen 10 million units produced. Wiley Clapp takes a look back at this legendary—and still relevant—defensive shotgun.

New 1911 Pistols for 2017

The 1911 pistol has been developed and improved upon in many different ways since its introduction more than a century ago. Here are some new models for 2017.

Fightin' Iron: Glock G17 Pistol

Known 1911 aficionado Wiley Clapp give his take on the popular Glock G17 pistol and how it measures up as a piece of fightin' iron.

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