Hands-on With the Sharps Bros. 224 Valkyrie Livewire AR-15

When Sharps Bros. talked about building a rifle around its Livewire lower receiver, we sat up and listened. Here's a look at the finished product, chambered in 224 Valkyrie.

Galco Side Snap Scabbard for Smith & Wesson M&P

When you need to remove a holster, or put one on later in your day, being able to do so without getting all discombobulated is a big plus.

CrossBreed Holsters Introduces the Instructor Belt

CrossBreed Holsters' new Instructor Belt provides the same outstanding quality as its original gun belts and the recently introduced Dress Belt.

Crossbreed Holsters Introduces SuperSlide

Top quality holster manufacturer CrossBreed Holsters, LLC is proud to introduce a new product for 2012, the SuperSlide.

New Pistols From Glock

Glock introduces two new pistols for 2014: a pocket-size .380 ACP and a competition-ready .45 ACP.

CrossBreed Velcro Instructor Belt

CrossBreed introduces the Velcro Instructor Belt for folks looking for a buckle-less duty belt that will stand up to pretty much any task.

Flying Circle Pecos Backpack Review

L.A. Luebbert, editor of America's First Freedom, had a chance to try out the Pecos backpack from Flying Circle.

What’s The Best Stance for Shooting With Shotguns?

Shooting a shotgun requires a solid stance, but different endeavors require different positions. Which is best?

Brite-Strike (RID3) Tactical Balls

Far from a toy, Brite-Strike (RID3) Tactical Balls put a new spin on essential illumination for self-defense

Last-Minute 1911 Fixes

Having successfully made the journey from a box of parts to an actual-firing 1911 with near total reliability, only a handful of aspects need be ironed out before sending the pistol off for its final finish.

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