Weatherby PA-459

Weatherby's pump-action, self-defense shotgun has all the features you've come to expect in a tactical gun.

Extraordinary Bullets

Big-game hunters demand a lot from a bullet. Not only must the value-priced projectile punch cloverleaf patterns beyond 100 yards with the utmost regularity, it must also withstand violent, close-range impacts at velocities in excess of Mach 3, while expanding reliably at distances where half this speed is a godsend.

Brownells Adds Ammo

Brownells proudly announces that the company will carry a full selection of quality, brand name ammunition from top manufacturers like Winchester, Federal, Remington, CCI, Hornady, Fiocchi, Ultramax, Kent, Weatherby and many more.

Weatherby Offers Mark V Accumark, TRR Rifles in .338 Lapua Mag.

Weatherby® has chambered its Mark V Accumark, TRR Custom Magnum and TRR RC rifles for the increasingly popular .338 Lapua Magnum cartridge.

Norma USA Rolls Out Performance Ammunition

Norma USA, a subsidiary of the legendary Swedish manufacturer of superior hunting and target ammunition, is proud to introduce the new Norma USA American PH ammunition line and the availability of the long sought after Norma African PH within the United States.

Weatherby Threat Response 8-Shot Shotguns

Weatherby expands the "Threat Response" line with two new extended capacity versions of the pump- and semi-auto-shotguns.

Weatherby Introduces 20-Gauge Version of Three PA Pump Shotguns

Weatherby now offers a 20-gauge version of three PA pump shotgun models: PA-08 Synthetic, PA-08 TR and PA-459 TR.

Weatherby PA-459 TR 8-Shot

Weatherby’s new tactical pump-action shotgun leaves little to be desired.

Weatherby Introduces The Vanguard Modular Chassis Rifle

Weatherby Inc. introduced its Modular Chassis rifle, one of the latest iterations of the Vanguard series that debuted in the early '70s.

Action, Take One

When it comes to home defense, there are two main shotgun actions discussed as a rule: semi-automatic and pump-action. Here’s a roundup of common pump-action scatterguns currently on the market.

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