Camouflage equipment patterns are all the rage these days. I've been guilty of trying to make my rifles blend in with my surroundings since I was fairly young and in the Army.

GunCruzer KR-10

Gun Case Gives Rifle Users Sleek, Economical Protection Against Motor Vehicle Firearms Violations.

Silencerco acquires SWR

Silencerco, the leader in firearm suppressors manufacturing has acquired SWR manufacturing.

Remembering the M14

Here is a pretty surprising statistic for you: In terms of service longevity, the M16 rifle and its many variants are the hands-down winners with 41 consecutive years. (DOD image)

Annual Muster Weekend at National Navy UDT-SEAL Museum

Fans of U.S. Naval Special Warfare, veterans and their families will have an exciting event this weekend in Pierce, FL.

New From Windham Weaponry

Windham Weaponry unveiled several new rifles at the NRA's Annual Meeting, including wood-furniture AR-15s and AR-10 variants.

Essential Gear for Sheltering in Place

When disaster strikes, there’s often no place like home. But with the power out, water shut off and emergency services unavailable, home might not be the same for awhile. These products are a good start for a plan to help you maintain security, comfort and safety while you’re sheltering in place.

7.62x39 vs. .300 Blackout

Debating between the 7.62x39 mm and .300 Blackout for your next AR (or upper) purchase? Here are some things to consider before parting with your cash.

Windham Weaponry MCS Rifle

Having one firearm capable of safely firing many calibers can lead to a great expansion of your ammunition supply.

Fightin' Iron: The Trail Rifle

Call it what you will, a bolt gun that’s purpose-built and equally badass can go by many names...sort of.

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