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Thermal Questions

We've covered a couple of thermal sights recently—should we continue to review these technological marvels?

Seek Thermal XR Thermal Imaging Camera

It's not *quite* seeing in the dark, but thermal imaging is a great way to see things we don't normally observe.

Leupold Introduces Thermal Optic

Leupold's new Tracker thermal optic is a hand-held thermal observation and game recovery tool.

Pulsar Launches Trail Thermal Riflescope

Pulsar, makers of a line of thermal optics, introduced its latest generation of thermal riflescopes: the Trail.

The Seek CompactPro from Seek Thermal

Low-cost thermal imaging that provides outdoorsmen with the smart edge they need.

Affordable Thermal: Inteliscope Seek Thermal Optic

Thermal optics are must-have tools for night hunts, but prices have been out of reach of many...until Inteliscope came along.

How Thermal Optics Work

The night is no longer to be feared. With infrared imaging technology, also known as thermal optics, darkness is your boon companion.

First Look: Pulsar Helion XQ28F Thermal Monocular

The new Pulsar Helion XQ28F thermal monocular continues the trend of increasing affordability in full-featured thermal optics.

Affordable Thermal Optics

Where we once had to choose between a new car or a thermal optic, technological advances have brought these heat-sensing tools down to a far more affordable price level. But, you need to know what to look for before purchasing a thermal sight.

SIG Sauer ECHO1 Thermal Reflex Sight

SIG Sauer introduces a new and innovative direct-view thermal sight.

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