EZ2C Targets

If you're looking for targets that stand out more than basic black, EZ2C Targets is worth looking into.

Affordable Steel Targets for Training

Shooting steel targets provides immediate feedback and is a great way to train. Here are three quality steel targets that are also affordable.

Champion Targets Releases New VisiColor Reactive Targets

Champion released a new line of Real Life, Reflex, Fun Games and Training Silhouette VisiColor targets.

Rite in the Rain Waterproof Targets

Rite in the Rain, known for its waterproof notebooks, now offers waterproof targets that feature a host of benefits.

Shooting Targets: Beyond the Paper

Shooters looking to enhance a day at the range have a wide variety of shooting targets at their disposal. Here's a look at the direction of range targets and how many companies are going beyond the paper.

Birchwood Casey Stick-A-Bull Adhesive Targets

New adhesive targets offer great value.

Birchwood Casey Introduces New Freedom Targets

Birchwood Casey added free-standing targets to its lineup.

Hornady Lock-N-Load Targets

Shooting paper targets is more productive when using them to sight in a rifle or diagnose a problem.

Comp-Tac Offers Cardboard IDPA Targets

The new cardboard IDPA targets from Comp-Tac are available in bulk packs.

4 Optics Options for Mid-Range Targets

If you’re shooting at targets close up or far away, your choice is simple—but what do you do when targets are somewhere in the middle?

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