Handgun Stopping Power

Many organizations, agencies and individuals have developed tests and formulas to rate the effectiveness of defensive handgun cartridges.

US PeaceKeeper Products Rapid Deployment Pack

Keep your vital gun and survival gear ready to go at a moment's notice with this versatile pack.

Interview with Travis Marsh, first eliminated Top Shot contestant

We asked Travis Marsh a few questions about Top Shot, why he was eliminated and what the experience was like. Here are his answers.

Worst-Case Scenarios

Practice at the firing line is critical, but in a gunfight things go bad fast. Do you know how to stay in a fight where calling a time-out is not an option?

LaRue Tactical OBR

The LaRue Tactical OBR features the same rugged construction we've grown to expect from the company, and the performance to match.

Lessons for the Ladies

Self-defense is not solely the responsibility of men, nor should it be.

Why the .30 Rem. AR Matters

Here's the way I see it: Until now, we've not had a true hunting cartridge, suitable for a wide range of game animals at short to moderate ranges capable of being fired from an AR-15-style rifle.

Disabled in the Bullseye

Disabled Americans are substantially more likely to be victims of crime than able-bodied people.

Developing a Self-Defense-Oriented State of Mind

The third installment in this series of articles takes a look at perhaps the most important aspect of self-defense for the disabled. (Photo courtesy of Michael Seaman).

One-Handed Shotgun Manipulation

Proven in an actual FBI shootout, one-handed shotgun manipulation is an advanced technique that can make the difference between life and death.

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