Why You Should Have a Partner for Firearms Training

Like much in life, clearing rooms with a partner has challenges and benefits.

Why You Should Include Your Entire Family in a Home Defense Plan

Don’t forget to include all of your family members in your home-defense plan.

4 Great Dynamic Shotgun Drills

Here are four effective drills you can practice to better develop your defensive-shotgun skills.

Handgun, Shotgun, or Rifle: Which is Best for Home Defense?

Which firearm type is the best for home defense? Rather than try to decide between handgun, rifle or shotgun, Sheriff Jim Wilson argues the best strategy is making use of all three.

It's Time to Revisit Your Home Defense Plan

With everyone stuck at home and bored to tears because of the COVID-19 quarantine, it's a great time to revisit your home defense plan.

The Essential Gear List to Shelter in Place

When unexpected disaster strikes, it's imperative to have the right gear to shelter in place so that you can make your home a well-fed, well-fortified fortress.

Lights & Home Defense: Firearm Safety Rule 4 in Action

It is a supremely bad idea to break the fourth rule of firearm safety, “Be sure of your target and what is beyond it.” This is why incorporating lights in your home-defense setup is paramount.

Stealth & The Home-Defense Shotgun

Something rarely discussed in a home-defense plan is the need to be quiet.

Home-Defense Planning: Threat Response & Training

Developing a home-defense plan ahead of time will prevent mistakes, help you consider all options and work through the details before things get hairy.

Home-Defense Shotgun Handling: Advice from the Experts

Simply keeping a home-defense shotgun under your bed isn’t a plan. You must know how to use it. Here's some expert advice from top professionals in the self-defense industry.

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