Dealing With Home Invasions

A home invasion can destroy your safe haven in an instant. Here is Sheriff Jim Wilson's advice on how to best prepare yourself to deal with an armed intruder.

Mossberg 930 SPX

Mossberg's gas-operated, 930 SPX 12-gauge is one such semi, and its firepower is enough to make even a PCP user stand up and pay attention.

Video From Shooting Illustrated's Foreign Corespondent

Our intrepid reporter braved war-torn jungles to file his first dispatch—a video of his test of an AK.

Interesting Facts

The truth about gun safety.

For the Kids

I suspect that a lot of you will soon be making sure Santa brings a .22 rifle for your children, or grandchildren.

Just for Kids

Youth rifles have been around for centuries, but modern offerings make an ideal way to introduce a youngster to the shooting sports.

Welcome the Newbies

Experienced shooters should help new gun owners at the range, and do so thoughtfully.

CHL Surge Spreads to Great Northwest

Oregon and Washington see large increases in concealed-carry permit applications in 2013.

The Holster Issue

Holster design is secondary to using the best safety out there—common sense adherence to the four rules—when it comes to preventing negligent discharges upon drawing from a holster or re-holstering a handgun.

Speak Up

Rather than silently curse poor gun-handling, take a moment to politely correct the person responsible. Safety never takes a holiday, and it's possible they just don't know better.

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