Gun Cleaning Chemistry

Cleaning your firearms is vital to ensure they function at all times. Here are some cleaning products to help you keep your guns spic-and-span.

Good PR, and a Great Cause

Public Relations efforts aren't always self-serving, as shown by Hoppe's support of American fighting men and women overseas.

A Case for Corrosive Ammo

The price may be much lower than conventional fodder, but do the disadvantages of corrosive-primed ammo outweigh the benefits?

Sentry Solutions Introduces Armorer's Kit Deluxe

Sentry Solutions, the leading maker of oil-free lubricants and protectants for firearms, tactical and outdoor sporting gear introduces the Armorer's Kit Deluxe.

Otis Technology Introduces the Zombie Gun Cleaning System

Things have gone green at Otis Technology with the launch of their new Zombie Gun Cleaning System just in time for the 2012 SHOT Show.

Remington Expands Popular Bore Squeeg-E Gun Cleaning System

A great new cleaning system at a great price from the legendary manufacturer.

Clearview Acquires Battenfield Technologies

The Potterfield Family announces that they have sold their entire interest in Battenfeld Technologies, Inc. to Clearview Capital (a private equity group based in Connecticut) and to members of Battenfeld's existing management team.

Gone in 90 Seconds

When the stuff hits the fan and your family has to bug out, preparedness—and the right gear—will help keep you alive.

Rand Bore & Bolt Solvent

Cleaning dirty guns is one task most shooters don't relish. Here's a cleaner that might make the task a little less onerous.

Building A Range Bag

Having the right gear with you when you go to the range is essential for any range outing.

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