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Rotate Your Ammo

How often should you change the ammunition in your carry gun?

LaserLyte Trigger Tyme Laser Training Pistol

Who doesn't need more trigger time? With the LaserLyte training pistol, the only thing you need is batteries.

The Battle Belt

In many instances, a gun will be just one of the tools you need for self-defense.

Walther CCP 9 mm

Walther’s newest concealed-carry handgun operates via a system that sets it apart from its competition, and it runs flawlessly.

Essential Gear for Bugging Out

Sometimes circumstances dictate evacuation as the most prudent course of action. If you should have to pull up stakes and ride out a crisis elsewhere, there are plenty of products available to help you survive away from home. Here are a bunch that form a great core for your preparedness plan.

Magpul PMAG15 and GL L-Plate

Magpul Industries is shipping the much anticipated PMAG15 GL9 for compact and sub-compact 9mm Glock handguns.

Magpul PMag15 Glock 19 Magazine

Magpul releases the company's long-awaited 15-round magazine for the Glock 19.

2016 New Guns: Handguns

As more Americans buy guns for personal protection, new offerings for that expanding market abound. Never before has there been such a wide selection of purpose-built firearms for self-defense.

Gemtech Glock G19 Threaded Barrel

Put this one in the "Did you know" files - Gemtech makes a threaded barrel for the Glock G19.

Girsan MC-28

When it comes to double-stack, striker-fired, polymer-frame handguns, there’s a lot of choices these days. Here’s another.

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