Mossberg 930 SPX

Mossberg's gas-operated, 930 SPX 12-gauge is one such semi, and its firepower is enough to make even a PCP user stand up and pay attention.

Fixing Gas-Pressure Issues in Your Semi-Auto Firearm

The terror of watching your gas-operated firearm malfunction is something you and your good friends could do without. The problem might be related to gas-pressure issues, but thankfully, the fixes for such issues are reasonably easy to implement.

Review: Mossberg 930 SPX 12-Gauge Shotgun

Mossberg's gas-operated, 930 SPX 12-gauge shotgun has a number of high-quality features that should make shotgunners stand up and pay attention.

Bushmaster Secures Contract to Supply Rifles to Amtrak Police Contract

Bushmaster Firearms International (BFI) was recently awarded a contract to supply the Amtrak Police Department with 100 best-selling, Bushmaster M4-Type Patrolman's Carbine rifles.

First Look: Escort SD-X Versatile Tactical Shotgun

Escort recently introduced the SD-X Versatile Tactical Shotgun, which is chambered in 12 gauge and .410-bore and utilizes a modern sporting shotgun platform.

Action, Take Two

When talking about shotguns for home defense, pump-action and semi-automatics rule the roost.Here’s a round-up of current semi-auto scatterguns.

First Look: Escort BTS Bullpup Shotgun

Escort recently introduced its newest firearm, the BTS Bullpup shotgun in 12 gauge and .410.

Benelli Now Offers Guns in NFA Tactical Configurations

Benelli USA now offers National Firearms Act (NFA) shotguns with 14" barrels, that can be purchased through a Benelli USA authorized Class III Commercial dealer.

New Leader 50 BMG Rifle

MICOR Defense will unveil the new Leader 50 BMG sniper rifle at the upcoming 2012 SHOT Show in Las Vegas.

Turnbull Manufacturing Introduces TAR-10 Rifle

Turnbull Mfg. Co. is pleased to announce its latest project, a carbon-steel semi-automatic rifle chambered in 7.62 NATO/.308 Win.

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