Remington R1

Returning to its handgun-manufacturing roots, Remington's R1 combines the company's craftsmanship with a classic version of the venerable 1911.

Ruger SR1911

When Ruger produces a new handgun, shooters take notice, even if it's a new take on a 100-year-old design.

Failure Drill

The origin of the saying "two to the body, one to the head..."

Thoughts on Pocket Pistols

Small, defensive handguns are becoming more and more popular with citizens who carry for personal defense.

Buck to Slug

Learn how to practice quickly transitioning your shotgun's ammo for close- and long-range self-defense.

For Better or Worse?

Now that the celebratory hoopla surrounding the 1911's 100th birthday is behind us, it's time to take a hard look at what a century has done to the pistol. We have more options today than ever, but are modern variants that much better than the original?

Republic Forge Patriot

Republic Forge is a Texas-based company that believes 1911s should be made in America.


SCCY’s handguns have been produced for the last decade and a half, but remain relatively unknown to most shooters. This should change, because these concealed-carry pistols offer performance far superior to what their relatively low prices would suggest.

Gunwriter James Tarr Releases Novel 'Whorl'

James Tarr, a noted gunwriter and former police officer and private investigator, just released his new book, "Whorl," a crime novel.

The Mozambique Drill: A History and How To

The origin of the saying "Two to the body, one to the head," comes from the Mozambique Drill, also referred to as the Failure Drill.

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