Revision Eyewear Rx Carrier Vision Correction System

If you need prescription lenses, finding ballistic eye protection can be a real pain. Revision Eyewear has the perfect solution.

Revision Eyewear

Revision Eyewear has emerged as the premier maker of eye protection for frontline military and law enforcement personnel.


Though its design is 33 years old, the Steyr AUG still looks like some sort of science-fiction gun.

Change Your Practice at the Range

Practicing against a static target at a known distance in bright light with your gun out of the holster might be fun, but it's not the best way to train for self-defense.

Eye Protection Primer

Eye protection is a must on the range, and most every shooter has purchased protective glasses at some point.

Wiley X Inc Adds Five New For 2012 Models To Its Stealthy Black Ops Collection

Wiley X, Inc has expanded its unique and shadowy Black Ops Collection of performance protective eyewear with the addition of five new-for-2012 models: the WX Valor, WX Rush, WX Censor, WX Gravity and WX Twisted.

Wiley X Inc. Adds New WX Gravity To Its Black Ops Collection

New-For-2012 Climate Control Model Provides Law Enforcement, Secret Service and Other Tactical Wearers With Superior Comfort, Visual Acuity and Proven Ballistic Protection

Using Your Can

Here are a few recommendations on use that may help if you are getting ready for your first dance with a suppressor-equipped firearm.

Suppressor Basics

Reducing your audible signature has a variety of benefits, and securing the requisite tax stamp is easier than you think.

Pre-Combat Inspections

Go through these steps often, and you will be better prepared to face a threat.

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